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13th American Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, And Patient Safety Summit

Mr. Carl Dowling

Speaker Biography

Carl Dowling, a He recently received a 2:1 overall mark for the institution’s BSC Paramedic
Science degree. He is currently striving to finish my paramedic preceptorship in the prehospital 
environment and events sector so that I can give emergency medical care to members of 
the public. During the Covid19 pandemic, he spent a brief periodof time in London and
was able to assist with the urgent transfer of Critical Care Covid19 positive patients who 
needed to be treated at other hospitals while they were on Emote had just returned from
London when he reflected on his time there and used it as motivation to produces first 
editorial for a medical journal, which was about Covid19. He has since developed a greater 
interest in evidence-based practice.

I currently volunteer my free time as a Project Editorial Assistant for the journal (IJTMRPH) to assist with various projects related to the growth of the journal and peer reviewing incoming pieces of research. He has a keen interest in finding out more about medical studies, as do I. He is able to train various staff members in paediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic life support, immediate life support, and other issues in his current role as a resuscitation trainer for the NHS Trust.

Awards and Achievements

  • Newbury Customer Service Program
  • Award 2. Certificate of Speaker Presentation Certificate of Speaker Presentation     Issued by 10th Edition UCG Health and Safety Nursing Conference · Dec 2021
  • Special Recognition for Health Sciences Students of the Year (Highly Commended Student Allied Health Professional of the Year)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Chairing the Session. Issued by 9th Edition UCG Health and Safety Nursing Conference 
  • Certificate of Speaker Presentation Certificate of Speaker Presentation Issued by 9th Edition UCG Health and Safety Nursing Conference 
  • Caring Face of the Month Award Badges of Service (Support Squad/Operation Diascope) 7. Team of the Year Runner Up (Security/Medical)

Carl Dowling Presenting His speech on 11th American Healthcare Summit on November 15-17, 2022 in San Francisco, USA. On Is there a correlation with where or how the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is delivered in young adults, which increases the probability of contracting myocarditis/pericarditis?

Covid-19, Health Promotion, Health society, Health care, nursing, Nurse, Health services

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