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13th American Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, And Patient Safety Summit

Dr. Liza Nicholson

Public Health Professional | Healthcare Executive

Speaker Information

Dr. Liza Nicholson

All Rize, a nonprofit and digital platform for the promotion of positive news and experiences
through empowering resources on health, tourism, and education, was founded and is run by 
Liza. The website enables inspiring community members to post articles and tales that highlight 
helpful resources that uplift and inspire. Additionally, All Rize will offer scholarships to Alabama-based first-generation college students in 2022. 

Liza is also a member of the Younger Women’s Task Force of Tuscaloosa’s founding board of 
directors and a youth mentor for the nonprofit affiliate group that works to empower women 
and girls, fight for social justice, and advance gender equality. Liza just earned her doctorate in public health from Samford University. Her unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare 
includesadvocating for healthy lives, conducting research on injury and illness prevention, and 
identifying, preventing, and treating infectious diseases. She wants to research and create initiatives 
that safeguard the health of people, families, and communities both domestically and overseas.

Speech Title: Practice Facilitation: An Innovative Approach to Build Organizational Capacity and Advance Health Equity to Improve the Quality of Community-Based Primary Care



Samford University
Troy University
The University of West Alabama

Patient safety, Health society, Health care, nursing, Nurse, Health services
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