Dr. Mehdi Javanbakht 

Managing Director at Optimax Access; Former Member of ERG (Evidence Review Group) at NICE; Head of Health Economics at Device Access

Speaker information:

He is a professional health economist located in the UK with more than 15 years of experience
e in the field of health technology assessment (HTA). He is one of the top 5 most referenced
 scientists worldwide in the HTA sector. He used to work at NICE (The National Institute for 
Health and Care Excellence) as a member of the Evidence Review Group (ERG), which was in 
charge of assessing the health economic models that pharmaceutical companies submitted
to NICE. In different therapeutic fields (oncology, diabetescardiovascular diseases
ophthalmology, etc.), He have created over 120 economic evaluation 
models (costeffectiveness, costutility, cost consequence, and Budget Impact Analysis)
from scratch and published over 120 articles interviewed journals. He have such a great 
commercial sense, extensive knowledge of health economics, and he quite self-motivated.

Dr. Mehdi Javanbakht will be presenting his speech on “Online Platform for health economics evaluation, a way to provide a strong infrastructure to inform decision-making process in health sector



IUMS University of Medical Sciences

Artificial intelligence, healthcare ,Health disinfection, Nursing, infection, Health society

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