Mohamed Magdy

Affiliation: Executive MBA | B.Sc. Pharm | MCIM | Digital Strategist | Data Scientist | author and founder of YouTube Channel ماركتينج بالشعبي | Marketing
UCGConference happy to introduce Mohamed Magdy as our speaker at 13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit on November 15-18, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA.
Title of presentation: Omnichannel Marketing in Pharma and Healthcare; a myth or a true vision of inspiration!

He began working in pharmaceutical companies fifteen years ago, after graduating from 
Pharmacy College, to promote highquality goods that improve the lives of patients. Working in 
sales for well_known Pharma firms operating in the Middle East and Africa for the first few years 
of my work was a terrific way to gain a thorough grasp of the business,which later proved critical 
in understanding OmnHechannel strategies. He is later promoted to marketing positions. He served as a brand manager for a variety of therapy
areas at GSK and Novartis. Working on new launches, relaunches, portfolio optimizations, and 
driving brand performance with crossfunctional team empowerment and field force resilience were 
significant success factors for my achievements at the time, when he was managing an annual 
budget of USD 10-15M. One of the marketing innovations was to achieve a Guinness World Record
within the launch campaign for a breast cancer product (Happy to share the details in a message✍).
With the passage of time, digital marketing and technology grabbed centre stage in my professional life. 

My heart skips a beat and my eyes wander when He sees a clever digital campaigngo viral
As a result of my passion for digital marketing and innovation, He have receives worldwide and regional awards.

With the COVID19 in 2020, pharmaceutical businesses will have adjusted their digital and customer 
engagement strategies to accommodate shifting client expectations and behavior towards digitalization. As a result, he was elevated to digital lead for the Middle East and Africa, leading teams in 13 countries, 
and recently to Asia Pacific and MEA, leading teams in 23 countries as part of the global team.

Three lessons learned during my past 15 years at Pharma:
✅ You cannot deliver results through a team without sharing the vision and what is in it for them. Leading change management with disruptive innovation and the right culture is critical for the success of strategic project management.
✅ Customer-centricity is one of the cornerstones of delivering a sustainable, successful business model
To scale quickly, you need to test, verify, validate and reflect. Corporate entrepreneurship is the right path to success.
✅ Having the right balance and integration between work, education, sports, and family is critical for me. It allows me to inspire others to lead better and happier life.

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