HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person in Los Angeles, USA, or Virtually from your home or work.

13th American Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, And Patient Safety Summit

Dr. Monica Jolly

Biography: Dr. Monica Jolly is 36+ years of research experience in Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)- Indian Agriculture Research Institute( IARI) Division of Biochemistry, New Delhi. As a Chief technical officer made pioneer contributions in Biochemistry and molecular biology. Developed low phytate transgenic soybean with improved mineral bioavailability. Co-authored ~50 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, published books/book chapters and ~25 popular articles to popularize and bring awareness of food security, environmental hazards, to combat the nutritional hunger challenge, developed and published bulletins. Associated with human resource development imparting trainings under center for advance studies,  actively organized several workshops and national/ International conferences.

Title of Speech: Debunking the Myths Surrounding Organic and Inorganic Foods

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