Dr. Samya Mohammed Al Mamari

Affiliation: Acting Medical Services Sector Director

Speaker information:

The Sharjah University awarded Mrs. Samya Al Mamari a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She subsequently completed her study and graduated from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a Master in Quality Management in 2007. She obtained her second degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), a Master of Public Health in Leadership and Management of Health Care Systems in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, in 2011, and she is currently pursuing her doctorate there.

She progressed professionally in the nursing field, starting as a practical nurse and finishing as a director of nursing.She worked as a staff nurse in a range of departments, including dialysis, VIP, medical, and surgical. Additionally, she held a parttime teaching position at the School of Medical Services at Zayed Military Hospital. She then transitioned into nursing administration as a Head Nurse, then Medical/Surgical Assistant Chief Nurse, Deputy Director of Nursing, and now Director of Nursing at the National Rehabilitation Center. She has accepted a few speaking engagements throughout her career and participates actively in a few national committees.

Dr. Samya Mohammed Al Mamari will be present a presentation on “Addiction Nursing in Arab Countries at the 11th American Healthcare Summit on November 15-17, 2022 in San Francisco, USA.


  • National Rehabilitation Center
  • Acting Medical Services Director
  • Head of The Techical Office (DG)
  • Nursing Director


  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • University of Wollongong

Licenses & certifications

  • The Social and Technical Context of Health Informatics
  • High Stakes Leadership: Leading in Times of Crisis

Telehealth , Clinical Care, Healthcare Worker , Nursing, Pharmacology, Pediatric nursing, Mental Health, Mid wafery, Clinical Nursing, Tele Nursing

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