13th American


November 15-18, 2023, Los Angeles, USA

Attending the 13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit is an excellent way to be a part of the change, professional development advancement, learn from healthcare research experts, and have a voice in the professional practice of research nursing, patient safety, and healthcare. Interacting through an online platform is easy, but a face-to-face meeting is still vital in this digital era for professionals and students. At the #AmericanHealthcareSummit, attendees will have numerous opportunities to meet, and interact with new faces and experts while networking. Attending the meetings enhances and advances your career and gives you a break from your daily healthcare duties.

You may earn continuing education hours for attending the 13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit on November 15-18, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA and you will be receiving a presentation/participation certificate. Finally, attending meetings looks terrific on resumes. It displays that the healthcare professional values ongoing training. Attend Keynote presentations, break-out sessions, and discussions to help you advance and explore successful innovation that can be applied globally.

13th American Healthcare and Hospital Management Summit aim to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Healthcare and Hospital Management. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields


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Credit Hours for the CME/CPD registered attendees will be provided. Avail 8-21 CME Credit hours.



Access to all the Healthcare Conference sessions & avail Presentation Certificate. Present your research work, case reports and avail Speaker/Poster Presentation Certificate


Present your poster and participate in the competition to win a Best Poster Certificate. If you are a registered listener and the questions are productive, you will be awarded with Best Listener Certificate.



The 13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit

The 13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals and business executives who want to make a difference and enhance the lives of millions of people around the world by revamping patient care and healthcare delivery methods. The American Healthcare Conference will cover all elements of healthcare, with a focus on disruption and innovation. Peer into the unforgettable experience we've meticulously chosen and prepared for you!

Current Speakers

Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Sahar Mohammad

Ms. Amal Ibrahim

Dr. Sadie Elisseou

Mr. Mohamed Magdy

Dr. Monica Jolly

Professor Dr. Ibrahim El Bayoumy

13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit


Track 1 - Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare

Metabolic Syndrome

Pharmaceutical Service

13th American Healthcare & Hospital Management Summit’s industry-defining themes

Purposeful Healthcare Leadership

Utilize Healthcare Leadership transparency and integrity to enhance cross-functional alignment around one or multiple strategies. Combine deep Healthcare Leadership and business expertise to maximize ROI and gain patient outcomes.

Humanize Digital Health

Harmonize data, deploy human-centred AI and develop insights to generate an upgraded customer experience with value-driven content. Go beyond the pill to facilitate adherence

Equity Unrestrained

Eliminate healthcare disparities, set an advanced standard for innovation, and intensify collaboration to speed up timeframes from authorization to access



I wanted to share that I very much enjoyed the day, and was honored to speak.

Prof. James Jordan

It was a great opportunity to get on board with varied researchers. Thanks again for the platform provided to healthcare workers to put forth their ideas and views. Communication is certainly an important perspective of the global dimension of Health Promotion and Education.

Dr. Tarapranav Bhattacharya

Inspiring, interesting, and HQ of speakers. Enjoyed all topics approached. We had significant insights and presentations. All the staffs were very professional and helpful. Thank you!

Ms. Maria J. A. Salomi


    Our amazing previous editions speakers line up

    Mrs. LeAnn Thieman
    LeAnn Thieman, a well-known author, lecturer, and nurse was “accidentally” included in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift in 1975. In her book, This Must Be My Brother, she tells the story of the heroic rescue of 300 infants she participated in as Saigon fell to the communists. She struggled through extraordinary conditions as an average person and mustered the fortitude to prevail.
    Dr. Janelle Ali-Dinar
    Janelle, a former hospital CEO and regional rural strategy executive, has also served as president of the Nebraska Rural Health Association, a member of the Rural Congress, and a rural fellow for the National Rural Health Association.
    Ms. Leola W. Williams
    Registered Nurse, President Peer Action 4 Change, Owner, CEO Stay Well Leola, Executive Board Member Past President American Federation Of Governmemt Employees
    Ms. Annette Davis Jackson
    Candidate for U.S. Senate, Executive Director, Millennial Leadership Academy Candidate- 2018 Republican Nominee, Executive Director, The Ken Ford Foundation, Inc.



    Dr. Essam Ali was the speaker at the 10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management & Patient Safety in Dubai, UAE. Presentation Title “Patient Satisfaction in Correlation with the Clinical Outcome”


    Dr. Neivine was one of the speaker at the 10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management & Patient Safety in Dubai, UAE. Presentation Title “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare and its Applications”


    Ms. Carol was the chairperson and speaker at the 10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management & Patient Safety in Dubai, UAE. Presentation Title “Obstetric Bundles”