15th American Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, And Patient Safety Summit from May 14-16, 2025 

Venue: San Francisco, United States

Are you wondering how you can meet your peers, colleagues, clients, or other individuals? Attend the American Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, And Patient Safety Summit. Register Today. 


1. Select Package and fill the billing form with your details.
2. You can pay with your Credit/Debit Card, and confirm it.
3. Once; You are done with the Registration; we will send you the further details.
4. After attending the 2 days conference, you will be eligible for the certification and will receive it after 48 hours of the conference.
5. Register now to get UAE Visa Invitation Letter and VISA assistance and accommodation letter from Dental, Advanced Dentistry Committee.
6. Kindly pay the Visa Invitation Mandatory fee (From outside UAE) to generate Invitation letter.
7. Registration fee is Non-Refundable, But can be transferrable to the next editions or to your colleagues or friends.
8. If you are unable to pay online or through the conference website, you can pay cash amount at the conference registration desk. (But you need to email your details and registration category here: info@utilitarianconferences.com)

Disclaimer: To avail of 21 CME, 21 CPD & 21 CE Credit Hours, You need to pay separately. These are not included with the fee of Speaker or Delegate or Poster or any of the Packages.

Mandatory categories need to be added with the choice of your fee category


CE Credits
21 CE Hours
CME Credits
21 CME Hours
CPD Credits
21 CPD Hours
Mandatory Certifications
Package A
Registration+2 Nights Accommodation (Single Occupancy)
Package B
Registration+3 Nights Accommodation (Single Occupancy)
Package C
Registration+4 Nights Accommodation (Single Occupancy)
Package D
Registration+5 Nights Accommodation (Single Occupancy)


CE Credits Final
CME Credits Final
CPD Credits Final
Certificate Final
Mandatory Certifications
Package A Final
Registration+2 Nights Accommodation
Package B Final
Registration+3 Nights Accommodation
Package C Final
Registration+4 Nights Accommodation
Package D Final
Registration+5 Nights Accommodation (Single Occupancy)

Speakers/Oral-Presentation/Live Presentation- Present your abstract, research work, summary, case report, medical reports, and workshops, as per the 15AHNPSUCG2025 Abstract Template, and proceed with the registration and confirm your speaker spot. Delegate/Listener/Viewer/Attendee- To hear the presentations, register and confirm your delegate spot.

Poster- Submit your Poster as per the 15AHNPSUCG2025 Guidelines and proceed with registering, as soon as you register, your poster will be live on our website.

Co-Authors- If Co-authors want to attend the conference kindly proceed further with the registration.

What is the difference between CPD and CME Certifications?

CPD Certifications (Continuing Professional Development) is the process of lifelong learning where physicians acquire—through formal and informal education and their practice—the skills, knowledge, and attitude that they need to maintain the ability to practice and the competence to provide effective patient care. It is not only about medical knowledge.)

CME Certifications (Continued Medical Education) are mostly focused on medical knowledge and the physician’s medical expert role and consist of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance, and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession.

    • You can select to register individually or get the advantage of extra savings/offers when you gather three or more individuals together.
    • Even companies, academics, associations, and partnership firms can avail benefits of group registration.
    • Registering as a group has many more benefits and great discounts.
    • Check out the variety of registrations we offer to provide you through our portal.
    • When you’re all set; organize the payment from each of your members and submit your group registration with a single payment through our online/offline/Bank Transfer form.
    • As soon as you register an invitation letter for USA Visa will be sent to you and your group members; by which you can pursue a visa to visit the conference.
  • You can apply for a US visa renewal if your current visa has expired. You will be granted the same type of US visa if you continue to meet the requirements.
    Is it Possible for Me to Renew My US Visa? If you meet the following criteria, you may apply for a visa renewal in the United States:​
    1. You want to extend the validity of a visa you already have. You can only apply for B2 visa renewal if you have a B2 visa.
    2. Your recent visa application was not denied by the US Embassy. You will not be able to extend your visa if you applied for another US visa after it expired and were denied.
    3. A US visa with numerous entries and a validity of more than one year will be renewed.
    4. You still meet the criteria for the visa you’re attempting to renew. See the several types of visas available in the United States, as well as the requirements for each.
    5. You are applying for a renewal of your US visa from your home country. If you are still in the United States, you will not be able to renew your visa.
    6. Your visa was valid for fewer than 48 months. Visas that have been expired for longer than 48 months may be eligible.
  • When renewing your US visa, you’ll need to provide the same documents you did while applying it for the first time:
  • Your passport must be valid for at least another six months after you depart the United States.
  • Any previous passports with a US visa that has expired.
  • Two passport-size photos are required for US visa photo submissions. They aren’t the identical ones you used in your first application.
  • The confirmation page of Form DS-160 printed out.
  • You must show proof that you have paid the US visa cost (the receipt).
  • Any further documentation pertaining to the US visa you wish to renew.
  • Package A: Conference Registration, 2 Nights Accommodation (Check-In: May 14th, 2025 & Check-Out: May 16th, 2025), Breakfast, Coffee break, Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate and many more Benefits
  • Package B: Conference Registration, 3 Nights Accommodation (Check-In: May 14th, 2025 & Check-Out: May 17th, 2025), Breakfast, Coffee break, Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate and many more Benefits.
  • Package C: Conference Registration, 4 Nights Accommodation (Check-In: May 14th, 2025 & Check-Out: May 18th, 2025), Breakfast, Coffee break,Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate and many more Benefits.
  • Package D: Conference Registration, 5 Nights Accommodation Check-In: May 14th, 2025 & Check-Out: May 19th, 2025), Breakfast, Coffee break, Proceeding Kit, DOI.
  • The check-in time will be 00:00 and check out will be 00:00.
  • Accommodation package only includes charges of room rent and rest all incidentals would be charged extra
  • Accommodation includes breakfast and Coffee/Tea facilities.
  • Services like Gym, TV, WiFi, Swimming Pool, etc. will be provideded
  • This option is most suitable for the speakers, students who are unable to attend the conference due to their schedule conflicts, VISA issues and others
  • Interestingly, most of the researchers, students and professors  are utilizing this novel time saving option.


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